The Power of Purpose-Driven Work

If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a thousand times. People don’t like to work like they used to. They try to do as little as possible. It’s too much trouble to manage a workforce.

And because of this prejudice, business owners do all they can to actually minimize the size of their workforce. Funny, they claim, speaking from one side of their mouth, “Employees are my most valuable assets.”If this were true, they would be doing all they could to increase the size of their asset. In reality, by their actions, they prove that they believe something different. “Employees are my most difficult expense.” So minimizing he size and cost of their workforce is their pursuit.

You know what I’m talking about.

There is a path to understanding the employee as an asset. There is a path to discovering and realizing the incredible equity increasing value (hence ASSET) of every hire. That path requires a business owner to learn that people actually want to make significant contribution to the businesses they serve, and that they can.

People will work harder than most of us think. They will give incredible and high-value amounts of their own discretionary effort to accomplish the most amazing things. And, truth be known, if the purpose is big enough, they will do it voluntarily.

Watch this video of such illustrated by director, Eric Whitacre. In it, you’ll see the voluntary marshaling of the time and talents of over 2000 participants investing to create a high value product. You’ll see just how willing people are to give more than is asked to fulfill a purpose greater than themselves.

Eric Whitacre is a composer who proves my point.

You can see more by clicking for a YouTube link here.

Watch all the way to the end. If you have a heart, you will be moved.

If you have a brain, you will be changed.

Give a big enough purpose, and people will do amazing things.

Hope you enjoy!


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